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H10 Hotels is a hotel chain with head offices in Barcelona that has been in operation since the late 1980s when its founder, Josep Espelt, opened his first hotel on the Costa Daurada. The chain has over 63 hotels in 22 destinations, most of them owned by the company, offering more than 16,000 rooms.

H10 Hotels has awful customer service and won't refund when canceling an expensive service, Linda claims at aspokesmansaid.com

"Wrote to H10 hotels about getting a refund for Gala dinner we did not have as we had canceled and got charged and still had no response. They charged 300 Euros for something we didn’t have and wouldn’t refund at the hotel."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The H10 Hotel in Waterloo, particularly the Room Cleaning Managemenet should really be reported to Equality and Human Rights Commision for discrimination and verbal abuse at work place towards cleaning staff (room attendants). Which they mastered to hide from their bosses/managers by communicating to cleaning staff only on their native language, who can't speak or speak very badly english. The managemnt happens to be from Eastern Europe and they have very outdated morals and attitutes toward cleaning staff. Zero respect and very "bossy" attitute including verbal abuse every now and then. Unfortunatelly the higher management at H10 Waterloo is not aware of it or very possibly prefers not to be aware of it. Definitelly place to avoid to work at if you don't want to waste your time and end up with a nervous breakdown. Above can be easily confirmed by extremely high employee turnover."

Current Employee - Server/Waitress says

"long hours. long hours long long"


"Stressful environment. You have to like a challenge and be able to separate your private life from the job. Lots of exhausting moments ( irregular breakers and weekly schedules!)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The time from 1pm to 9pm"


"The salary is not too good and the hours"

Leanne Autton says

"We booked a H10 hotel in Barcelona as we had a concert booked for Sept 2020 but due to Covid the concert was moved to 2021 so we didn't need the booking, plus we couldn't go due to restrictions. I have called and emailed, not for a refund, but to see if we can move the booking to 2021 and nobody has responded to this day. It seems, looking at social media, H10 hotels did nothing to help during these awful times so due to this I would never book a H10 hotel again"


"I've used H10 hotels for many years and would have no hesitation in recommending them until now. I booked a hotel last year the Andulicia Plaza in Spain. Due to the crazy world we find ourselves in currently they've been refunding me the monies now for a month and its now daily to chase them and I keep getting the same message. I've escalated via Resolver to raise a complaint. The after service is awful and unfortunately will never use them again which is very sad."

Krista Hill says

"I stayed at Ocean Coral Springs in Trelawney, Jamaica from March 8th-13th. Upon arriving at the resort check in was quick and easy. The resort is beautiful. I stayed in the Master Privilege Suite room 1166. The room was incredible, ocean front, large and beautifully decorated however, you could tell that the room was finished poorly. Sinks wouldn't drain properly, paint splatter on the floors, shower leaks onto the floor outside the shower. All that aside my dream trip quickly became uncomfortable. I traveled to the resort by myself, as a solo female traveler. I was not naive about the warnings for woman traveling to this county and I have traveled internationally before and I have never experienced this level of sexual harassment anywhere else I have been. I had security of the resort following me and making comments as i walked from the beach to the pool. I had waiters, maintenance men and cooks hit on me every time they got a chance. I could not even sit out on my balcony without a man saying something or trying to talk to me inappropriately. Even as uncomfortable as all of this made me feel I could have handled this... but the afternoon before I was to fly back home it got worse. I was on my way back from the beach and had stop to get food. When i reached my hotel room my hands were full and a man who stocks the fridge opened my room door for me, he then followed me into the room and grabbed me from behind, as i was struggling to get away from him he tried to kiss me. He then tried dragging me to the bed while telling me "I wanted it" and that "nobody would have to know". I fought back and made it to my room door and was able to push him out of the room. I then shoved a chair under the door handle and was terrified to leave my room. I barely slept that night and contact the resort before I left. The resort assured me that they would investigate this and handle it appropriately. Yet here we are 4 weeks later and the resort has done nothing. In fact the last email I received from them was a nondisclosure agreement that they wanted me to sign to issue me a 2 night refund as a "gesture of good will". They have yet to apologize or to acknowledge that I was almost RAPED in my hotel room by an employee of their resort. They will not tell me that they have fired this employee so it is safe to assume this man still works for this resort. I cannot in good faith not let others know of my experience at this resort. My fear is the next girl may not be lucky enough to get away. It is very clear that OCS and H10 resorts do not care about the safety of their employees."

Kholoud AbdulAziz says

"I stayed at H10 las palmeras
The worst experience in my life
I arrived around 10 pm
They said we will give you a present
In the photos you can see the present
Dirty bathroom with pee and towels thrown and bed has been used and towels evereywhere
Something that happens for the first time in my life
Their present supposed to be an upgrade from standard room to junior suite
When I went to front desk i found a different person a male with small pony tail and he didnt care just sent me to a standard room WITHOUT apologizing

Jdsingtravler says

"We had reservations at Ocean Maya Royale Riveria Maya Mexico, which is a mid-sized adult-only resort, they moved us to a large family resort which we definitely had no interest in. We were moved without notice which they admit they knew we were getting prior to us leaving our home and could have let us make the decision prior to leaving, but they decided not to contact us. We asked for a refund and they denied it. I asked to have them keep my money and I would pay for a new hotel and asked them to transport me and they won't do that. We were told we would be in a Junior Suite with a king bed at an H10 resort Ocean Coral & T but that was not the case. I asked them to call back to the other hotel to discuss this and they refused. This a game H10 is playing, they place us like pawns to fill more rooms in their hotel with no care for their customers. We met at least a dozen other couples that were also moved from the other two resorts they have in the area. DO NOT BOOK A STAY WITH H10 RESORTS, YOU WILL HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU WILL ACTUALLY BE STAYING AND THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP!!!!"

C Taylor says

"H10 Atlantic Sunset, Tenerife
Our poor experience started before we arrived, we should have known the hotel would not be much better, we had to write to the CEO of H10 to get any traction.
I am not able to give H10 Atlantic Sunset a zero rating, if I could I would have.

Dear Mr Espelt (The CEO H10)

I apologise for contacting you directly, however I am extremely
frustrated with the service received to date from H10.

I am hoping you can help.

I have booked 2 rooms at your new hotel in Tenerife, the H10 Atlantic
Sunset, arriving at 31/12/19.

We have been trying since Saturday 21/12/19 to get a restaurant booked
for New Years Eve at the hotel, also to understand what other
entertainment is on offer on NYE.

We have tried now a further 7 times to get through to Guest Services,
in frustration I sent an email to H10 complaints on the 22/12/19, I
still have had no response.

Yesterday we spoke to reception at the H10 Atlantic Sunset for the 3rd
time, they gave my wife an absolute guarantee that Guest Services
would call back yesterday, still no contact.

We visit to Tenerife 3 times a year, we saw your new H10 hotel whilst
staying at the Hard Rock in November (For the 4th time) and so I
wondered over to take a look, hence the booking, I do hope that the
services we will receive when we arrive improves on the experience to

Regards Mr T"

Samantha Brookes says

"The whole service is garbage! They don’t answer their phones.

I regret purchasing this membership."

Joe Fowles says

"Unfortunately our trip to H10 Atlantic Sunset was a disaster.

The first night of our trip we encountered our bathroom to have a major leak of toilet water all over our belongings.

As everything was taken away to be cleaned we moved to another room, where we did not have any cosmetics at all (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, aftershave) things to make you feel better and ready to enjoy your holiday. Also my suede boots for night time wear, unfortunately encountered the major leak.

It was a shame that all contact was over the phone with managers and guest relations - nobody ever visited me to apologise.

Day 3: no update, no cosmetics and no shoes!

Leaving day: received cosmetics but Dior Sauvage was stolen, plus my suede boots were nowhere to be seen.

I’ve got to say do not travel to this hotel at all, they do not enjoy the company of English people and made my time their so bad. Plus I am £400 out of pocket from my missing valuables."

Gersende says

"I would like to share the most painful holiday experience that I’ve ever had, with last minute.com, and the very very bad customer service that we received both from last minute.com and from the hotel we stayed at, the H10 Punta Negra in Majorca.
I did some research online for a Couple of weeks before booking Via last minute.com, and chose the hotel and that provider as they offered an all Exclusive package that we thought would be easy, relaxing, and would keep the expenses under wrap.
When we arrived at the hotel we had the very unpleasant surprise to be told by the hotel that they provided half board only and could not provide all inclusive. The Assistant Manager said we were last minute.com customers and therefore had to sort it out with our holiday providers. Really? Despite my argument that we were effectively their customers too, and now thousands of kilometers away from home so difficult to sort out. Needless to say that ruined our first day trying to speak to the Managing Director of the hotel who kept us waiting for a while whilst my 2 year old was desperate for his nap. He was very nice to us but did not offer any solutions, though he mentioned they could do a discount on food during our stay which he later declined. Eventually we managed to speak with last minute.com at around 1600-1700 that day through hotel landline, to be offered a compensation of £500 or move to another hotel all inclusive that night having to pay any difference of cost ourselves! The operation would have taken at least an hour just to identify a hotel available for the rest of our stay, packing and driving for no idea how long with a tired 2 year old before even having dinner to get to an unknown and not chosen by us location. appealing, right? Nearby was Magaluf on one side (not with a toddler thank you) and Palma on the other side, not at all what we wanted as wanted to be by the sea but close enough to amenities and the city. Needless to say the prospect was not appealing and we felt we were being treated so badly.
After asking to speak to a manager I was called back by a Very abrupt manager at last minute.com who basically said they would not increase the £500 compensation despite my explanations that it wouldn’t be anywhere near what a family of 3 would have to spend for 7 days for lunch snacks and drinks which is to be expected in an all inclusive. The customer service was absolutely shocking despite being the victims of their errors not ours. I should also say that the main dishes at the hotel were in the region of £30, so it didn’t seem reasonable at all. Exit the easy all inclusive family holiday and the peace of mind!
Exit my dignity too as we were treated so badly as clearly second class customers and had to chose to stay (not much choice?) exit the relaxing holiday as we had to find lunch arrangements and go out most days for lunch and walk for a while or take the bus.
Most importantly is that right to book a holiday package from your cozy home, only to realize you have been completely deceived when you arrive And nobody really apologizes or finds a solution for you??
Last minute.com and the H10 Punta Negra hotel refused to speak to each other at my suggestion, trying to find a solution for us the customers, and we were completely let down due to their fault of apparently wrong advertisement.
When I explained that I had to pay a premium on the website to have the all inclusive package, the abrupt manager at last minute.com dismissed it saying this was the maximum compensation regardless take it or leave it , and the hotel’s assistant manager said this was the price their customers pay for half board (again, really?)
What a horrible holiday because of last minute.com and in fairness because of the H10 hotel too.
Despite us trying to make the most of it afterwards we didn’t feel welcome in the hotel, and the advertisement on last minute.com was very misleading too advertising for a spa with a big pool for instance, where there’s only an indoor pool and a separate underground massage room in a separate building! 3 restaurants were also advertised, but only 1 restaurant was open by service so there wasn’t any choice at all.
The icing on the cake was midweek when a corporate function was held under our bedroom windows at The hotel until about midnight!! I phoned reception at about 2200 when a guy started a very loud speech in a microphone, (banging music in the background) explaining I had a toddler who was trying to sleep- no sorry, no apology, just ‘oh it’s our annual corporate so and so it should be finished in an hour’ (emphasizing this as if we were meant to understand that they were way more important than is and the other regular customers in our building having paid for a full week and trying to sleep)
The whole time, we have been made feel like second class customers both by last minute. Com and by the H10 Punta Negra, for a near £4,000 holiday hotel + flights but really cost us around £1,000 more despite the so called compensation.
Shocking shocking shocking!!!
Will not recommend and will not use again either the H10 Punta Negra or last minute.com unless they compensate us properly and present us a heartfelt apology for the situation they put us in and the very bad way that they handled it thereafter."

Matt says

"Stayed in H10 Mediterranean Villagein Salou. Our room was directly above the restaurant and from 6:30am all you can here is the room being prepared and then breakfast starting. This goes on until 10:30am. The room was also above the kitchen back door where staff smoke and chat until after midnight. I know from other reviews this is an issue however, when complaining they denied it and said they've never heard of this issue before. Shocking customer service and quite rude on the phone, they refused to escalate complaint and hung up on me."

Chirita Mihai says

"Hello we arrived today 15 August AT H10 HOTEL BERLIN staying in Privilege room 413 and we noticed 4 very disturbing facts: 1. None of the room windows can be opened so NO FRESH AIR ENTERS THE ROOM
2. The bathroom has NO VENTILATION OR WINDOWS THAT CAN BE OPENED so it cannot be ventilated??! 3. The air conditioning is ONLY WORKING IN FAN MODE (it just pushes around the existing air in the room) IT DOES NOT WORK IN HEATING MODE so you cannot set the room temperature 4. The TV channels are shown in VERY POOR DEFINITION THE IMAGE IS BLURRY and there is only 1 Channel available in English. Now I understand the H10 Hotel in Berlin is listed as a 4 Stars property on Booking.com and this is why I booked it in the first place BUT ARE YOU SURE THAT THIS HOTEL DESERVES THIS RATING?!! Because as I see things now: BOTH THE HOTEL AND BOOKING.com are DECEIVING THE CLIENTS! EVEN WORSE: It is advertised as Junior Suite on Booking.com but it is nothing but a glorified double room: THERE IS NO SEPARATION BETWEEN THE BED AREA AND THE SITTING TV AREA AS ANY JUNIOR SUITE SHOULD HAVE! WHEN WE ASKED THE HOTEL MANAGER TO UPGRADE US BY PAYING THE DIFFERENCE TO A SUITE THEY REFUSED. P.S. I have also contacted BOOKING.com and TRIPADVISOR concerning these issues"

Evelyn Detres, says

"I want to begin by saying the hotel was very nice. The staff was amazing (bartenders, waiters, animation team) however guest relation and the management team needs to be retrained. My husband got hurt coming out of the pool the top step broke cutting his foot open. He had to be taken to the hospital and got 16 stitches (this was day 2 of our vacation) our vacation was ruined. When we returned from the hospital the hotels only concern was that we sign a waiver so that we could put a claim against them. Furthermore the employee lied Nelson from guest relations told me that the paper he wanted me to sign was so the hotel could pay the medical expenses. That was not the case I asked him for a copy of the document in English and he made me wait 30 minutes. The paper said that I would waive my rights. There was no reason to lie and try to trick me into signing the paper. I refused to sign anything and spoke to a mgr the next day and that was useless. The mgr told me 100 people went up the steps before my husband did and they didn't get hurt!!! I asked for my medical bills and I am having an atty look at the case. It's a shame because the hotel and the general staff is actually nice."

Tara Brady says

"H10 Big Sur, Tenerife. We arrived yesterday and have had nothing but problems. Our stay is supposed to be 4 nights and cost us almost €600. Firstly when we arrived to our room the shower leaked all over the floor, there were marks on the duvet cover and the dressing gowns were covered in what looked like make up indicating they had not been washing following use by previous guests. Also the food at dinner was cold and unappetising. The cost of our stay is expensive but we were willing to pay it as air conditioning was advertised. When we arrived we were told the air conditioning was broken, this the hotel was not as advertised. We requested a fan three times and by the time we asked the third member of staff there were none left. We tried to sleep with the balcony door open to reduce the heat in the room but there is also construction works going on in the hotel so this meant the room was very noisy. Neither myself or my partner got any sleep last night and this is unacceptable given the cost of our stay."

Robbert says

!!!! STAY FAR AWAY !!!!

Stay far away from these so called Hotels. My better half and me had the 'privilege' to stay at one of there hotels for one week at Tenerife. Basically the main thing a Hotel should do right: making sure you can sleep.

At H10 hotels you cannot sleep as the beds are beyond what you would expect to get when you go to hell. Extremely hard and if one turns around the other get's launched off the bed. The pillows are extremely flat and bad for your neck. If you book this hotel add another 2K to fix your spine and neck. If that is not enough the noise in the night was awefull.

The food is horrendous, the worst I ever tasted in my life and I tasted bad food. A camping food corner would even get a better rating.

As if I was in an episode of hotel hell.

Good things:
1. No mosquito's
2. Nice weather
3. There are staff members which really do try there best and are nice but can't change a thing because of extreme cheapskates like management decisions: to them: other hotels would love to have you!!

For all who want to book a room at one of there hotels:


Mrs Pamela Nunn says

"We have just got back from a holiday in Tenerife, we stayed at H10 playa and it was Horrendous.
• When we got there, we were given a room on the ground floor room 108 which was small dark even with the windows open, the view was of the gas tank, the air con controls were hanging off the wall and the wires were visible. We asked for another room and was offered 225, also asked to see a suite.
• After looking at both rooms we decided to go for the suite after all it could be too much more (yeah right) 1000.12euros for the 11days I asked if we could up grade to a suite and was told that was not possible to upgrade to junior suite without privilege. The couple who came on holiday with us also up graded to a privilege suite.

• The first night Mrs Stark found two cockroaches in her room they must have been 2ins long and wide. Mrs Stark has a phobia of these the maid came and killed one but couldn’t find the other under duress Mrs Stark stayed in the room that night. On the seconded night Mrs stark rang me crying and very upset the other cockroach
• was back this time the staff had to move Mrs Stark from her room which meant she was ungraded for the night the next morning Mrs Stark was up graded again to 6th floor. Mrs Stark asked for compensation which after 3 days they decided to give her back 92 euros and told her she could only get that back if she would sign a disclaimer saying she would not put in a complaint on trip advisor which she signed as she felt she had no choice but to sign and she has a copy of this letter. We were told big cockroaches only live for two days this wasn’t any comfort.
• Mean while myself and husband were having problems of our own, we for a cockroach in the shower room about half an inch I reported this to desk staff. Our air conditioning broke down it was set at 16 it should of be freezing in the room, but it was colder outside. After the 3rd time of the maintenance man coming to try and fix it we were advised to change rooms again I was not happy with this and told the deck staff that this like musical beds. My husband asked for a fan which helped us get thought the night. The following morning my husband went to look at the room on offer the air con in that room was 18 and twice as cold as ours that was still set at 16 the room was on the 9th floor and I still got cockroaches in the bathroom on the wall in the shower and one night I thought great no bugs so I lifted the loo sit to catch a cockroaches leg in my finger nail.
• The privilege is not worth the money and doesn’t give the customers what is says it will yes you get black towels, Breakfast served to you on the 3nd floor and table clothe every thing was the some as everyone else I could get my dinner and tea from downstairs and walk upstairs with my food. I am registered disabled person with arthritis is both knees, so I cannot negotiate stairs at the best of times my husband was up and down stairs for my food and his food, not one member of staff offered to help him.
• So, we paid £6000.00 for a holiday which is nearly double since being home I have looked at your web site if I went on holiday in the middle of aug to the same place with privilege I would only have to pay £4000.00. I understand that our holiday rep Jewls has also written a complaint to you on our behalf. When I am paying £6000.00, I want and expect the top of the range service I didn’t expect cockroaches on the 6,7, and 9th floors. I not expect to wait 40 mins in the bar because every one is paying and I am all inclusive, I don’t expect to be ill for 3 days and I not expect to be able to smell the toilets before I get there and the smell of drains. B"

Rodney Rodriguez says

"My brother and I bought in to H10 premium. It cost us 20,000 dollars for 7 weeks a year for 25 years. We were to told there was about 60 hotels that we can stay at. WRONG only 9 of them will redeem our weeks the other ones we only get a DISCOUNT. Don't lie to us just so u can get a check. We work hard for our money and this is the BS that was sold to us. The Ocean riviera maya Eden is very nice and the people are great but the sale tactics are bad."

Samuel McAleer says

"The hotels are lovely, I had an amazing time in dominican republic at ocean blue. The reason for the 1 star is purely down to the sneaky sales reps at the hotel. I saw then praying on elderly people to take on their awful deal for 11500 pounds then after that laughing about how they pressured them into it. There is a lady manager at the ocean blue who attempts to "double hit sales" when a slaleperson can not close it. They will NOT tell yours price until the end, I kept asking and they refused and said I was the rudest person they had ever met because I did not want to go on a tour of the hotel my first day of my honeymoon. Disgusting sales tactics and total con merchants. Hotels are beautiful but never ever sign up for this con of s deal no matter how much you are pressured or "sold the dream" diabolical behaviour and tarnished such a beautiful hotel with amazing staff apart from the sales manager there."

Gerhard du Plessis says

"Sad to say that the customer comes last at this hotel. The fault lies not with the local staff who try their best to make guests comfortable despite management. The problem is upper management who has no sense for the hospitality industry. They do not get the basics right. I hope I never have to stay in an H10 hotel again."

Lisainthed says

"The Coral Springs Resort in Jamaica property is beautiful at first sight, but when you look further into details you will find that it's highly over rated. The advertising from many booking companies is very misleading. Truly not a 5 star! I visited Feb 13-18, 2020. I had to request electricity to be turned on at least 5 times a day - EVERYDAY! Taking a shower at night, drinking a cool refreshment from the fridge, charging my phone, and watching tv was challenging. I spent more time in the hotel lobby making requests and writing complaints than time allowed to enjoy the few amenities that were available on site. Security is not sound. There is no dead bolt on the door and my 2nd day there another guest was able to use their key to open and walk into my room thinking it was theirs! Was the room double booked??? It doesn't make sense to secure your belongings into a safe that you unlock with your room key! The management practices avoidance tactics and lets the receptionist do all the talking by asking that you come back later.Most employees were considerate and tried to be accommodating the best they could. I had to get a beach towel from the bellhop and locate maintenance with the help of the security guard. Sewage smells filled the 1st floor air ways! I was also disappointed that the lazy river did not open as promised during my stay. The garden view room lacks the beauty of the garden. I saw much dirt from room 1249 and little flowers. I loved the pool area and the people I encountered. Take an excursion to get relief from hotel woes."

Tia Boone says

"I originally booked in January a junior suite for the adults only on the El Beso side, the day before I was scheduled to arrive (May 9) I received an email saying there had been a change in my reservation stating I would be placed on the El Faro side (family side) but would get a Master Junior Swim Up. I felt a message could been sent in time for me to weigh out my other options. I will say the room was amazing, the room was the best part of my whole stay. Below you will see the list of pros and cons of the resort, now keep in mind I don't expect everything to be perfect at a resort. I have visited many resorts and even though this is a new one it was by far the worst one I have ever stayed at. If not for having a swim up room boredom would have killed us.When you see some of the pictures I have posted you will see the resort was dead, you would think we rented the whole resort just for ourselves. Only 3 channels on the TV were in English, we took a portable speaker so we could at least listen to music when out by the pool. Tip: Take insect repellent the mosquitoes and gnats will kill you. This resort is far from ready of being open. They need to have a proper run through with the owners or whomever to see for themselves that it's not ready.

* Amazing room only got that because the El Beso was not finished
* Good wifi
* Very clean but then again it's very new

* Staff seriously fell short on customer service
* Only a handful of the workers understood and spoke English
* Food was horrible not only at the buffet but also at the restaurants also always cold
* The staff that tries to sell you the membership are extremely pushy and even when you stick to your guns saying no become very belligerent (Maxwell the manager to be exact)
* The entertainment was horrible
* Majority of stuff was closed even when I was told day after day it would be open the next day
* Beware...found rusty nails in the pool and around the resort
* The daily itinerary is just for show nothing on the itinerary is what is says (what will be open, what time things close etc.)
* There is no taxis out front to take you off site, the people they have there make up ridiculous prices to take you in town, we even had one staff member offer to let us drive his car for a fee.
* Still tons of construction going on around the site
* Neighbor next to me was placed in my building because they were robbed by staff of their credit cards, jewelry and money.
* Too many people in and out of your room during the day (housekeeper, fridge refill guy, maintenance why maintenance I don't know the room is supposed to be compete before placing a guest in there)
* Beach was not welcoming like some other resorts I visited

I could go on and on with the cons of this resort. All in all I will not return, I did however meet a staff member Paltino he tried his best to make our visit a pleasant one, Carlos and Rahdamus at the lobby bar were also nice. The pool bar by Lighthouse had an amazing bartender Gelson and Danny they went out of their way to make us smile and kept us laughing. They would even come over to our swim up to bring us drinks after day 2 they remembered our names and what drinks we liked. The bowling alley was a hit, however the guy they have behind the counter is just there for show, all he did every night we went in there was stay on his phone, a bartender from the sports bar had to come in and serve us because he was to preoccupied by his phone to be bothered with guest, he wouldn't even try to assist with the lanes when they would go down. The waterpark was nice, it was underused, the lazy river was also nice but people would take the floats and use them in other pools and then leave them all around the resort. I had high hopes for this resort Just ended up very disappointed and disgusted. I wish future guest better luck than we had. By the way we were there for 7 long days."

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